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You’re stuck in the middle of the road and your car just broke down. You don’t have any friends and family to call for help to get you out of there. Now that is the worst nightmare made into reality. The best thing you can do to get out of that hellhole is to contact tow truck services. You grab your phone and you search online for tow truck services that is fast and also nearby your location. But you see that there’s a lot of tow truck companies and you have no idea what you should pick.  If you just pick randomly, worst case scenario, you’ll probably get the company that gives the slowest service and charges higher than others. 


How do you pick the best tow truck service available for you and at the same time get the best service when your car breaks down? Follow these guidelines below: 

  •  Research the reputation 

Like all companies that offer services, reputation matters. When a towing company has bad reviews online, you know it’s not a very good company. Visit their websites and you will see what they offer, and if their promos and packages are too good to be true, then it probably is. Call around and ask details that you want to know because if you ask them yourself, they probably will make it sound good all the time. When you’ve found the right company, save them in your contact list and make sure you refer them to your friends. The best companies that offer the best services should be available for everyone. 

  •  Don’t trust blindly 

You might think that you will have no choice in this situation because your car already broke down, especially when it’s an accident and you be given the emergency services.  Always be wary of the truck that they use and observe everything that they do. Remind to be careful always. Most emergency tow truck services that show up in emergency are the worst because they are paid lower than the others.  

  • Snap a Photo of Your Car 

Make sure that before they take your car, you take a photo of it. Worst case scenario, if you didn’t take that photo, new scratches will not be acknowledged and would cost you yourself even though you hadn’t seen that scratch before. Make sure you notice bumps and scratches and complain it to them for insurance. Always remember that documentation may come in handy for any unexplained or unexpected damages. 

  •  Read the Paper Works Wisely 

Make sure you read every agreements written on the paperwork that you are supposed to sign. Don’t take anything for granted because if you don’t, you’ve probably agreed to an agreement that you never knew of. It might cost you more from their services, place you in harm, might endanger you in losing your car and make you pay for a service that you didn’t avail or is charged to you without you knowing. 






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